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About Us

Amber (Ruby)

My name is Amber and I’m the owner of Follow the Leader K9. I believe dogs, just like people, come into our lives to teach us lessons. They have a way of showing us how to slow down and be present. They also have a way of mirroring our energy, which can lead to behavior issues. That’s where I come in.

“What you pet is what you get.”

I come from a dog psychology background and I am a balanced trainer. This means that I disagree with behavior that is not beneficial, and I agree with behavior that is. My goal is to help dogs become balanced, and encourage pro-social tendencies.

“If you don’t disagree, you agree.”

I am very passionate about animals. For years, I wanted to become a veterinarian, but my need to heal, protect, and teach brought me into the dog training field. Over time, I have learned how to “read” dogs which allows me to help them and their owners. My job is to pass on my knowledge, and by doing so, help create human-canine relationships that are based on trust and respect.

“Don’t tell a dog what to do, ask it. But ask until you get the right answer.”

You Are The Pack Leader

As a pack leader and owner, it is important to give your dog directions using clear communication and calm energy. When you start working with your dog, you’ll provide boundaries, rules, and learning opportunities. You will become your dogs advocate. You will share affection all while exploring new adventures together. During this process, you will learn to trust your dog and your dog will learn to trust you. But first…

You may hear that dog training is actually people training. This is true. You will learn about behavior, communication, and skills, but a big part of training is personal growth, change, and letting go. Humans tend to live in the past and future, but dogs live in the present. So the real question is, are YOU ready?


Mentorship with Angelina Jacquez of Primal K9 Coaching

The Art of Canine Psychology – Angelina Jacquez

The Art of Canine Psychology II – Angelina Jacquez

Reactive/Aggressive Dog Workshop – Angelina Jacquez

The Canine/Human Relationship Institute – Nelson Hodges

Relationship Based Behavior Modification – Nelson Hodges

Art of Leash Handling and Understanding – Nelson Hodges

Understanding Wolf Behavior, Pack Dynamics, & Conservative Efforts – Nelson Hodges

Lucas Agnew Workshop – Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew

Lifesaver Seminar – Jason Vasconi and Barbara De Groodt

NePoPo Obedience Seminar – Rebecca Weiss

Canine Kinaesthetics – Maryna Ozyna

Immersion Seminar – Chris Fraize

Train the Trainer E-cademy – Robin MacFarlane

NePoPo Seminar – Valerie Erwin

Mastering the Remote Collar – Tyler Muto

Reactivity Rehab – Tyler Muto

Puppy Preschool Course – Robin MacFarlane

E Collar Training – Robin MacFarlane

Sirius Dog Training Academy – Ian Dunbar

Suzanne Clothier – Geometry of Canine Body Language Webinar

Suzanne Clothier – Maddening to Maturity Webinar

Dog Cancer Series Workshop

Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

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